Native to Orange County, California, Jake lives a very active lifestyle with an ever-growing skillset to offer. His skills and experience in a variety of fields allow him to adapt to the needs of any project. Jake offers a variety of contract/freelance services within several different disciplines.

To inquire about any of the services below, or to request a full resume. Please contact him at jake{at}JakeCarp.com

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Video Production

Jake offers full video production packages including filming, editing, DVD authoring and other online promotional enhancements.

Notable clients include: ESPN, PADRE Foundation, Panasonic, SONY Music, St. Margaret's Episcopal School, ASTROCAMP/Guided Discoveries, plus many more private parties.


Jake offers professional photography services to fit any need.

Notable clients include: Camp Timanous, ASTROCAMP/Guided Discoveries, Los Rios Rock School, We The Monsters, Award Winning Actor Steele Stebbins, plus many more private parties.



Backcountry Expedition & Travel Medical Services

Planning an expedition or trip somewhere remote? Worried about the availability of medical services in the area(s) you are traveling? Jake may be able to help!

Jake holds several wilderness and expedition medical certifications and has extensive experience in remote and backcountry medicine.

Lifeguard and CPR Training

Jake provides Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid training to private parties and small businesses.


Please contact for more information about these services.